Norwegian-Danish collaborations on Microalgae

Production of algae in future farms, How to improve downstream processing, New applications and Cultivation - these four topics were given highest priority for joint collaboration at the Danish-Norwegian Microalgae workshop 26.-27. November, 2014.

IBNN’s Special Interest Group (SIG) on Microalgae together with Danish research groups organized a two-day’s workshop for representatives from research and industry with an interest in value creation based on microalgae.

Engaged Danish and Norwegian delegates discussed common challenges, potential collaboration and were invited into the microalgae facility in Kalundborg.

Market orientented development
Special invited guest was Vítor Verdelho Vieira  President of EABA, the European Algae Biomass Association and Chief Development Officer at A4f, a Portuguese producer of microalgae products. Mr Vieira emphasized the importance of finding and developing the right applications and markets first, and provided the workshop with an overview of the microalgae landscape and opportunities in Europe.

Food, feed, water treatment, fuel, skincare, materials/nano are all potential areas for applications of Microalgae. However, there are many hurdles the companies may encounter before reaching the market.

Common challenges
“The Nordic countries have common challenges within the field of microalgae, specifically with production, downstream processing and applications”, says Hans Kleivdal”, co-organizer of the workshop and leader of the IBNN Special Interest Group (SIG) for Microalgae. “Together, the Nordic countries can play a role, but it is essential that the collaboration is based on a marked need”.


See the presentations and program here.

Download the report on Proalgae, April 2013.

Presentations from Denmark:

- Marianne Ellegaard, KU: “Micro-algal research at PLEN, University of Copenhagen: Cell walls and Evolution“

- Davide De Franscici, DTU: “DTU-ENV Bioenergy Group Microalgae Activities’”

- Morten Storgaard, Agrotech: “Microalgae facilities for production of bio-product at AgroTech - from laboratory to semi-commercial scale”

Charlotte Jacobsen, DTU:  “Development of filtration technologies for microalgae and production of sustainable high quality feed for juvenile fish (FIMAFY project)”

Haris Kadrispahic, LiqTech: “Dynamic Cross-Flow filtration for the purpose of concentration of algae content”

Karen Haman, IFAU: “Turning microalgae into a business opportunity:  Supply chains and market analysis”

Søren L. Nielsen, RUC: “Microalgae in feed production”  


Presentations from Norway

- Hans Kleivdal, UniResearch: "Developing the value chain for microalgae to aquafeed"            

- Mathilde Skogen Chauton: "Microalgae - one resource, many potential applications" 

- Lars Andreas Dahle: "Polysaccharides and astaxanthin" 

- Thorsten Heidorn: "Microalgae for biofuel production"

- Morten Laake: "MareCura - Microalgae for medicine"

- Hans Ragnar Gislerød:  "Microalgae - Norwegian University of Life Sciences"


Invited speaker:

Vitor Vieira (EABA): "The European algae landscape and opportunities"