SIG Seaweed

The Special Interest Group, SIG Seaweed is a cross-sectorial and multidisciplinary meeting place for actors with an interest in seaweed. The SIG Seaweed was established in September 2014 in close collaboration with SINTEF Fisheries & Aquaculture.

The aim of the Special Interest Group for Seaweed is to stimulate to an increased number of industry projects related to the production, processing and application of seaweed.

Its objectives are to strengthen the seaweed sector’s science base and to increase the value creation of the seaweed related industry. Additionally the SIG Seaweed wants to make the sector’s activities and importance for the economy more visible to society in general and decision makers in politics and industry in particular.

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Coming up: 8 March, 2016, meet SIG Seaweed at PROMAC Open Day!
NB! The next SIG Seaweed workshop will be in September 2016.

9 December, 2015, Trondheim, SIG Seaweed Workshop II: Market
- programpresentations summery in Norwegian.
28 May, 2015, Trondheim, SIG Seaweed Workshop I: Cultivation technologies, presentations
14 April, 2015, Oslo: "Dyrking av tare - en ny industri i Norge". Seminar for politicians; Programme & presentations, IBNN News "SIG Seaweed at Stortinget".

19 September, 2014, Trondheim: Start-up workshop. See the programme, presentations and the article in IBNN News "Strong dedication to Seaweed".


Industry: Algea AS, Alginor, Austevoll Seaweed Farm AS, Bioprawns AS, Biotrål AS, Bygda 2.0, Due Miljø, Epcon Evaporation Technology AS, Felleskjøpet Fôrutvikling, FMC Biopolymer AS, Granasa, Hortimare, Nesset Sjømat, Seaweed AS, Seaweed Energy Solutions AS, Skretting ARC, Smartfarm, Tafjord Kraftwarme, Val vgs.

Academia & CRO: Akvaplan Niva, Bellona, Norsk institutt for bioøkonomi (NIBIO), Det Kongelige Selskap for Norges Vel, Møreforskning, NTNU – Sintef Fisheries & Aquaculture, Sintef Materials & Chemistry


Project manager, Jorunn Skjermo, SINTEF Fisheries & Aquaculture, Jorunn.Skjermo[at]sintef[dot]no  


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PROMAC focuses on the energy efficient processing and refining of macroalgae to food and feed, and includes a logistic and economic analysis of the value chain, as well as a Life Cycle Analysis (LCA).Bionær-financed project, lead partner Møreforskning AS.

IDREEM - Increasing industrial resource efficiency in European mariculture, is a European research project launched in 2012 to protect the long-term sustainability of European aquaculture by developing and demonstrating a new innovative production technology, Integrated Multi-Trophic Aquaculture or IMTA.


SINTEF, A new Norwegian bioeconomy based on cultivation and processing of seaweeds: Opportunities and R&D needs, 2013


Picture: FMC Nutrition and Health